School Management System



Our School management software provides you the highly advanced features to manage the functions of the school including attendance, admission, library, exams, scores, hostel and transport etc. School Management System Development facilitates effortless fee payment, invoicing and billing in no time. Experience the ease of accessing the entire administration in clicks with our School Management Software Script. Develop School Management Administration Software of your own to have an uninterrupted communication between the school management, teachers, students and parents for more trust. Provide the best School Management System to have a far reach more profit.

S.M.S Features

Student Admission

Collect all the information about the student accessible for verification

Fees Management

Check the student’s fee status and get notified if paid or incomplete.

Teacher Information Portal

Enable the access of any kind of information related to the teacher if needed.

Student Information Portal

Access any kind of information about the student from academics to personal.

Transport Management Portal

Keep a record of each student’s route and route change report for safety.

Library Management

Categorize all books of the library by and manage issue and return.

Hostel Management

Allocate rooms, mange hostel fee and calculate student expense easily.

Online Examination and Assignment Portal

Provide assignments to the students in accordance with their performance.

Strong Admin

We facilitate the admin panel with easy to administer features for all duties.

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